50 In Loving Memory Quotes to Honor Your Loved One » Urns (2023)

Here we present the very best In Loving Memory Quotes to help you honor your loved one. When someone you care about dies, it’s so easy to feel like you have so much to say but no words to say it.

We hope and pray that these eloquent quotes can provide you with the words to say in a eulogy, inscription, sympathy card, or other situations. May you receive comfort and encouragement in your time of great grief and sorrow.

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In Loving Memory Quotes

We collected these beloved “in loving memory” quotes for your use in a eulogy, inscription, sympathy card, or to honor your mother or father. Feel free to share each quote with family and friends, on social media, or somewhere in the funeral service.

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Below, you’ll find the top 10 In Loving Memory Quotes for:

  • Eulogy
  • Inscription
  • Sympathy cards
  • Mom
  • Dad

Each of these quotes can be used for different purposes – for instance, many of the same quotes for Mom could be used for Dad, or for Grandpa, or for a dear friend. You get the idea.

We hope these lists are helpful to you as you seek to honor the memory of someone you love!

Top 10 In Loving Memory Quotes for a Eulogy

50 In Loving Memory Quotes to Honor Your Loved One » Urns (1)

These quotes are ideal for use in a loved one’s eulogy. Each quote communicates a deep well of meaning in the space of just a few words. You may want to consider building your eulogy around one of these sayings. For more information on how to write a eulogy, see here.

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  1. Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened. – Dr. Seuss
  2. To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. – Thomas Campbell
  3. As is a tale, so is a life: Not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters. – Seneca
  4. God will wipe away every tear from their eyes,
    and death shall be no more,
    neither shall there be mourning, nor crying,
    nor pain anymore,
    for the former things have passed away. – Revelation 21:4
  5. Well done, good and faithful servant.
    You have been faithful over a little;
    I will set you over much.
    Enter into the joy of your master. – Matthew 25:21
  6. No one spread more love in one lifetime.
  7. The song is ended but the melody lingers on. – Irving Berlin
  8. Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.
  9. May you touch
    Dragonflies and stars,
    Dance with fairies,
    And talk to the moon.
  10. To live is Christ and to die is gain. – Philippians 1:21

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Top 10 In Loving Memory Quotes for an Inscription

50 In Loving Memory Quotes to Honor Your Loved One » Urns (2)

When someone you love dies, you will traditionally engrave a headstone, grave marker, cremation urn, or memorial plaque with their name, dates, and a brief inscription. These In Loving Memory quotes are brief and to the point. This makes them ideal for an inscription or epitaph.

  1. Always in our hearts
  2. Always on my mind, forever in my heart
  3. You’ll be with me forever
  4. Gone yet not forgotten
  5. May the winds of heaven blow softly and whisper in your ear
    How much we love and miss you and wish that you were here
  6. You may be gone from my sight but you are never gone from my heart
  7. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal
    Love leaves a memory no one can steal
  8. Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure
    You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure
  9. I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you again in heaven
  10. The best is yet to come.

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Top 10 In Loving Memory Quotes for a Sympathy Card

50 In Loving Memory Quotes to Honor Your Loved One » Urns (3)

Below are ten of our favorite quotes to use in a sympathy card. Feel free to adjust as appropriate for your situation. Also see the link below for many, many more ideas on what to write in your condolence card.

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  1. Those who touch our lives stay in our hearts forever
  2. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. – Matthew 5:4
  3. How lucky you are to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.
  4. There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love. – Washington Irving
  5. When words are most empty, tears are most apt. – Max Lucado
  6. The sun has set on an amazing life.
  7. We are sharing in your sadness as you remember [name].
  8. It was a gift to know [name].
  9. Words cannot express the sorrow and sadness we feel at the loss of your [parent, spouse, etc], [name]. Please accept our condolences and know that we are thinking of you.
  10. The comfort of having a friend may be taken away but not that of having had one. – Seneca

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Top 10 Memorial Quotes for Mom

50 In Loving Memory Quotes to Honor Your Loved One » Urns (4)

What can we say about mothers that hasn’t already been said? When words fail you, consider these quotes to help you remember and cherish your mother’s memory.

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  1. What we once have enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes part of us. – Helen Keller
  2. Wherever a beautiful soul has been there is a trail of beautiful memories. – Ronald Reagan
  3. It’s hard to forget someone who gave me so much to remember.
  4. I love you. Nothing, and nobody, not even time, will change that.
  5. I miss you. A little too much, a little too often, and a little bit more every day.
  6. She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings. – Ariana Dancu
  7. She asked for so little, but gave so very much.
  8. She loved life and it loved her right back.
  9. A silent thought, a secret tear,
    Keeps your memory ever dear.
    Time eases the edge of grief,
    Memory turns back every leaf.
  10. Tonight I’ll fall asleep with you in my heart.

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Top 10 Memorial Quotes for Dad

50 In Loving Memory Quotes to Honor Your Loved One » Urns (5)

Fathers have an incredible impact on their children. A good dad is a true joy and blessing. Here we present our favorite remembrance quotes about dads.

  1. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill
  2. The love in our family flows strong and deep
    Leaving us memories to treasure and keep
  3. He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much. – Bessie Anderson Stanley
  4. There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. – Albert Einstein
  5. He asked for so little, but gave so very much.
  6. You live on in the hearts and minds
    Of the loving family you left behind
  7. Memory is a lovely lane,
    Where hearts are ever true,
    A lane I so often travel down,
    Because it leads to you.
  8. You have no idea the amount of happiness you brought into my life.
  9. He loved and was loved.
  10. Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
    I took the one less traveled by,
    and that has made all the difference. – Robert Frost

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More Quotes

Check out the links above for many additional quotes. Here are some further resources:

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  • Grief Day By Day (book) by Jan Warner. I was sent a copy of this book to review and found it to be chock-full of terrific quotes. It’s a guidebook for grief, so that’s what most of the quotations are about, but there are many that would be appropriate as In Loving Memory quotes for inscriptions, eulogies, and so on. Recommended.
  • Comforting Bible Verses – Over 30 Scripture quotations presented with shareable images.
  • Missing You: 22 Honest Quotes About Grief – Pithy quotes that help describe the ups and downs of the grieving process.
  • 33 Inspiring Life Celebration Quotes – These ones are appropriate for celebrating and honoring the life they lived.
  • Words to Comfort Someone Who Lost a Loved One
  • 50 Encouraging Loss of Wife Messages

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50 In Loving Memory Quotes to Honor Your Loved One » Urns (6)


What is the best remembrance message? ›

Common Memorial Quotes
  • We miss you and love you always.
  • Loving you forever.
  • Forever in our hearts.
  • Nothing can ever take away a love the heart holds dear.
  • Those who touch our lives, stay in our hearts forever.
  • Greatly loved, deeply missed.
  • Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure.
Oct 25, 2022

What do you write in memory of a deceased loved one? ›

What to Write in a Memorial Card
  1. Share a memory that you have of the deceased person.
  2. Express gratitude for how the person who has passed away touched your life.
  3. Show your condolences and let the person grieving know you are thinking of them.
Jan 31, 2022

How do you write a short remembrance? ›

On the day of the memorial, you'll want to come prepared with either a pre-written speech or some bullet points to guide you.
  1. Reflect on your loved one. ...
  2. Narrow down your focus. ...
  3. Determine your tone. ...
  4. Make a game plan. ...
  5. Keep it short and sweet.
Dec 7, 2021

What are some short quotes for memorial cards? ›

Memorial Card Verses
  • Afterglow. I'd like the memory of me to be a happy one, ...
  • Bridge of Love. There is a bridge of memory. ...
  • Do Not Grieve For Me. Don't grieve for me, for I'm free, ...
  • Ecclestiates III. To every thing there is a season, and. ...
  • Fill Not Your Hearts. ...
  • Gentle Face. ...
  • God Saw You Getting Tired. ...
  • Heartstrings.

How do you write a memory message? ›

These memories can be a personal anecdote or something as simple as:
  1. “I'll remember _______ in so many positive ways.”
  2. “________ always had a big smile and a terrific sense of humor.”
  3. “___________ will always have a special place in my heart.”

How do you remember loved ones on the anniversary of their death? ›

11 ways to honour a loved one on their death anniversary
  1. Revisit a special place. ...
  2. Have a picnic or share a meal. ...
  3. Gather friends and family for a death anniversary memorial. ...
  4. Death anniversary memorial service. ...
  5. Plant a memorial tree. ...
  6. Support a charity. ...
  7. Create a photo memory book. ...
  8. Visit their final resting place.
Feb 8, 2021

What is a famous quote about death of a loved one? ›

"There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief." "Tears are the silent language of grief." "Happiness is beneficial for the body, but it is grief that develops the powers of the mind." "There is no grief like the grief that does not speak."

What is the word for goodbye forever? ›

Adieu. While it may sound pretty benign, the French adieu literally translates as “to god” in Latin. This means it has a sense of finality, like “I won't see you again until after we're both dead. Goodbye forever.” Not so charmingly continental now, is it?

How do you say love of your life without saying it? ›

19 Ways To Show Your S.O. You Love Them Without Saying a Word
  1. Be an Active Listener. There's a big difference between hearing and actively listening. ...
  2. Ask Your S.O. ...
  3. Don't Scroll and Talk. ...
  4. Make Time for Them. ...
  5. Hang Out with Their Friends. ...
  6. Send Them Random Cute Messages. ...
  7. Leave a Love Note. ...
  8. Show Affection in Public.

How do you write a tribute to someone special? ›

In a tribute, write about the person's best qualities and successes in life. Share how they changed your life or made you a better version of yourself. Summon admiration for their life's work and what it meant to them.

How do you write an emotional tribute? ›

What should you include in a loved one's funeral tribute?
  1. Notable achievements.
  2. Their personality.
  3. Their hobbies and passions.
  4. Their careers.
  5. Positive qualities.
  6. Their relationships with family and friends.
  7. Memorable stories.
  8. Their lasting legacy.

How do you write a tribute in Heartfelt? ›

Here are some of the things you should consider before writing a funeral tribute.
  1. How close you and this person were.
  2. What do the people think about the relationships between you and him/her?
  3. What do you miss about him/her?
  4. Were there any humorous or emotional moments with him/her that showed your love?

What is a quote for memory? ›

10 Popular quotes from GoodReads

Memories need to be shared.” “No matter how much suffering you went through, you never wanted to let go of those memories.” “The past beats inside me like a second heart.” “Humans, not places, make memories.”

What is a comforting quote about death? ›

Sorrow is so easy to express and yet so hard to tell.” “A wounded heart will heal in time, and when it does, the memory and love of our loved ones are sealed inside to comfort us.” “Grant but memory to us, and we lose nothing by death.” “There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief.”

Why do we celebrate 1st death anniversary? ›

The first anniversary of the death is a special day for recognizing your loss. You have not only lost the presence of your loved one, but all of their gifts: the laughter, the love, the shared past and qualities you treasured.

What is a death anniversary called? ›

A Death anniversary is celebrated on the day when an individual died. It is known as Memorial day, Commemoration day.

How do you honor someone's memory? ›

Four Ways to Honor Someone's Memory and Keep Their Legacy Alive
  1. Tell their stories. Recalling your favorite stories–the ones that really showcase who they were–and sharing them out loud can be a great way to honor someone. ...
  2. Do something they loved. ...
  3. Spend your time wisely. ...
  4. Fundraise.
Jan 27, 2022

When the memory becomes a treasure quote? ›

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” —Anonymous.

What is the quote about death and love? ›

“The heaviness of loss in her heart hadn't eased, but there was room there for humour, too.” “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. “I take your hand, brother, so that you may go in peace.

What was once enjoyed and deeply loved quote? ›

What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, For all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.

How do you say goodbye forever to someone you love? ›

How to Say Goodbye to a Loved One
  1. Prepare early. Take time to think about what you want to say and who you want to say it to. You'll have different goodbyes for different circumstances. ...
  2. Don't delay saying what you mean until the last moment.
  3. Expect emotions. You might cry, and that's OK.

What is a good quote for goodbye? ›

General Saying Goodbye Quotes
  • “They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.” – ...
  • “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.” – ...
  • “Farewell! ...
  • “It is so hard to leave—until you leave. ...
  • “If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” –
Sep 23, 2022

What's better than saying goodbye? ›

How to say goodbye in an email
Cheers./ ˈtʃɪrz /
Best/Best wishes./ best /best ˈwɪʃəz /
Yours truly./ ˈjʊrz ˈtruːli /
Sincerely/Yours sincerely./ ˌsɪnˈsɪrli/ ˈjʊrz ˌsɪnˈsɪrli /
8 more rows
Apr 19, 2022

What is a word to describe someone who remembers everything? ›

Hyperthymesia is an ability that allows people to remember nearly every event of their life with great precision. Hyperthymesia is rare, with research identifying only a small number of people with the ability. Studies on hyperthymesia are ongoing, as scientists attempt to understand how the brain processes memories.

What is a word for someone who remembers everything? ›

Hyperthymesia, also known as hyperthymestic syndrome or highly superior autobiographical memory (HSAM), is a condition that leads people to be able to remember an abnormally large number of their life experiences in vivid detail.

What is a short phrase that is easy to remember? ›

A slogan is a short phrase that is easy to remember.

How do you say I love you without using those three words? ›

How do I say “I love you” without saying it in a text?
  1. “Smiling so much today just thinking of you”
  2. “Just wanted to thank you for being you :)”
  3. “I hope you know how much you mean to me”
  4. “I'm so glad you're in my life!”
  5. “You are so amazing!”
  6. “You mean so much to me”
  7. Send a sweet GIF.
  8. Send a romantic song.
Feb 10, 2014

How do you say the love of your life in one word? ›

synonyms for love of my life
  1. baby.
  2. beau.
  3. boyfriend.
  4. darling.
  5. dear.
  6. dearest.
  7. flame.
  8. girlfriend.

How do you say goodbye without saying goodbye? ›

13 Ways To Say “Goodbye”
  1. Until next time. This option is mostly used in casual situations, but can also work in formal settings. ...
  2. Talk to you later. ...
  3. See you soon. ...
  4. Take care. ...
  5. Farewell. ...
  6. So long. ...
  7. Don't be a stranger. ...
  8. Take it easy.

How do you write a tribute for a celebration of life? ›

6 Incredible Tips to Writing a Good Funeral Tribute
  1. Start With a Plan. Before you start writing your tribute to the deceased, make a plan. ...
  2. Stick to a Conversational Tone. When you are preparing your funeral tributes words keep your tone conversational. ...
  3. Be Brief. ...
  4. Think of the Audience. ...
  5. Tell a Story. ...
  6. End on a Positive Note.
Jun 25, 2020

How do you honor someone at a celebration of life? ›

9 Celebration of Life Ideas to Honor Your Loved One
  1. Choose a Meaningful Location.
  2. Invite People to Share Stories. ...
  3. Collect Photos. ...
  4. Play Their Favorite Music. ...
  5. Ask for Letters. ...
  6. Start a Group Prayer or Poem. ...
  7. Establish Your Loved One's Memorial.
  8. Start a Memorial Fundraiser.
Nov 18, 2022

What is a life well lived quote? ›

The purpose of life is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well." — Ralph Waldo Emerson.

What are three words that describe tribute? ›

Some common synonyms of tribute are citation, encomium, eulogy, and panegyric. While all these words mean "a formal expression of praise," tribute implies deeply felt praise conveyed either through words or through a significant act.

How do you pay a tribute to a loved one? ›

9 Ways to Honor a Loved One Who Has Passed
  1. Keep something of theirs with you. ...
  2. Support a cause close to their heart, and yours. ...
  3. Make a tribute donation to a nonprofit. ...
  4. Create a living reminder. ...
  5. Dedicate an event to their memory. ...
  6. Start a new tradition. ...
  7. Share their stories and photos. ...
  8. Live your best life.
Feb 3, 2018

What is a tribute statement? ›

Tribute speeches are commemorative speeches that pay honor, admiration, and homage to an occasion, person, event, thing, or idea. In many cases, speakers delivering tribute speeches use emotional appeals to acknowledge the qualities and influence of the subject of the speech.

How do you make a donation in honor of someone wording? ›

I made a donation to [organization name] in your name — I know how much this means to you!” “You inspired me to make a gift to [organization name] in your name this year.


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