Top 5 Plant-Based Yogurt Brands (2023)

Top 5 Plant-Based Yogurt Brands (1)

Yogurt is widely considered a healthy addition to any diet. It’s got protein, vitamins, and many have healthy live cultures that foster impeccable gut health. Traditional yogurt is, of course, made with cow’s milk, though the industry is changing rapidly.

Plant-based yogurt is gaining momentum quickly, and for good reason. Done well, it offers the same creamy texture and sweet, tasty goodness as dairy yogurt, but with even better nutritional value and without the risks that come with dairy.

The unfortunate part is that many vegan and plant-based products contain a lot of sugar to create the desired taste. So, while such products are technically still vegan and plant-based, they're not exactly the healthiest.

However, not all brands take this easy, less-than-ideal shortcut. Below is a selection of good-quality, well-made plant-based yogurt alternatives. The companies behind these products are passionate about food, health, and even the environment, which reflects in the care they put into their recipes and ingredients.

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The Best Plant-Based Yogurt Brands

1. So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt

Top 5 Plant-Based Yogurt Brands (2)

So Delicious is responsible for a fantastic range of plant-based milk, so it’s no surprise they’ve been successful in the yogurt arena as well. Their coconut milk is made with real, organic coconuts and it’s this exact milk that goes into the yogurt.

Organic cane sugar is what gives the classic vanilla flavor the sweetness you’re after. Vitamin D2 and B12 are included along with live and active cultures. The texture is just right and each carton is perfectly creamy, as yogurt should be.

Vanilla yogurt is a classic and goes beautifully with fruit and granola for a nice parfait or it lends itself nicely to thickening up a smoothie. Other nutrients include calcium, potassium, iron, and a small amount of protein. So Delicious also carries plain yogurt if you’d rather have minimal flavor as well as others like strawberry, caramel, key lime, blueberry, and many more!

2. Silk Vanilla Yogurt

Top 5 Plant-Based Yogurt Brands (3)

Silk is another prominent plant-based milk brand that has also created a successful line of yogurt. Their soymilk-based dairy-free yogurt is smooth, creamy, and delicious. It’s also a leader in terms of nutrition as it offers an impressive six grams of protein per serving along with decent amounts of calcium, iron, vitamin D, and potassium.

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Filtered water and soybeans make up the base while natural flavors and real vanilla beans give it the classic vanilla taste you’re after. Plain yogurt is a great snack, and adding some nuts or fruits is even better. If you want to really mix it up, though, Silk’s website offers many fun, unique, and interesting yogurt recipes like yogurt popsicles, chia parfaits, and even pancakes.

So, don’t be afraid to get snacking, blending, or baking with Silk’s versatile range of plant-based yogurt. They have several flavors on hand, as well as a line of almond milk yogurt if you’d rather avoid soy!

3. Forager Cashew Milk Yogurt

Top 5 Plant-Based Yogurt Brands (4)

Forager Cashew Milk Yogurt is cashew milk-based with additional ingredients like coconut cream, vanilla beans, and real fruit and vegetable juices for flavor and color. The classic vanilla bean flavor offers three grams of protein as well as a little fiber and calcium. Their line of yogurts also contains live active probiotics that make it an even healthier choice, especially for the sake of your gut!

Not only are these products healthy but they have purpose and morals behind them. The company works hard to source organic, ethical, and sustainable cashews and other ingredients for all their products, yogurt, and beyond. They’ve gone as far as Vietnam and the Ivory Coast to find ingredients that live up to their sky-high standards. They work closely and personally with farmers who are equally passionate about their work and products.

They have a few fruity varieties like peach, strawberry, and blueberry. They also offer plain, lightly sweetened, classic vanilla bean, and unsweetened vanilla bean. If you’re after a bit of a different texture, they also have several of these flavors available in a drinkable form! These are great for quick mornings or on-the-go energy.

4. Nancy’s Oat Milk Yogurt

Top 5 Plant-Based Yogurt Brands (5)

Nancy’s Oat Milk Yogurt is as creamy and delicious as the “real thing” with no dairy whatsoever. Instead, it offers several other nutrients that come from much healthier, more natural ingredients. The yogurt is also kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO along with certified vegan.

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It has six grams of protein per serving along with some calcium and potassium. It also offers billions of live probiotics, excellent for the health of your gut. In addition to its base of oat milk, it’s made from ingredients like faba bean protein, tapioca flour, coconut oil, as well as natural flavors, juices, and extracts.

Other than the ever-popular vanilla flavor they also have coffee, passion fruit, apple cinnamon, strawberry, blueberry, and plain.

Nancy’s is dedicated to the quality of their products and the health of their customers, a fact that’s made obvious by their commitment to real, premium, high-quality, and whole ingredients. The company has been in the same family for three generations, always preserving the traditions, values, and processes that made them great, to begin with.

5. Lavva Yogurt

Top 5 Plant-Based Yogurt Brands (6)

Lavva yogurt does things a little differently, taking their plant-based yogurt products to a whole new level of healthy and nutritious. Their yogurt is made with a base of coconut, cassava, and the pili nut. This underrated nut is the lowest carb nut known to the world! These ingredients also allow them to create their yogurt without any sugars or gums.

Each cup of yogurt contains only 10 grams of carbs along with 2 grams of protein and small amounts of calcium, potassium, fiber, and iron. In terms of sugar, there are a total of only seven grams, zero of which are added sugars. The yogurts are also paleo-friendly in addition to being plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and non-GMO.

Lavva is still a fairly young company. Founded by Liz Fisher, she created the company with the goal is helping as many people as possible realize the power and potential of plant-based foods. But, she wanted to do it differently, using only whole foods. It wasn’t an easy journey and it took the team several months of work, planning, and creativity but they finally did the perfect recipe and the yogurt has been a hit ever since. This is how they came to use the pili nut. It’s not a common ingredient by any means but it significantly helps them accomplish the texture and flavor of yogurt in the most natural way possible.

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Plant-Based Smoothie Recipes

Top 5 Plant-Based Yogurt Brands (7)

Yogurt has many uses, from baking to simple fruit parfaits, but one of the most popular these days is to add it to smoothies. Putting yogurt in your smoothie not only adds texture but can contribute to the flavor and it ups the protein content.

The same can be done using plant-based yogurt, and it’s even healthier than dairy! Protein content varies depending on what’s used as the base, but the plant-based ingredients offer many other nutrients that will make your smoothies healthier than ever.

Smoothies can be as simple or as complicated as you want. The more ingredients you throw in there, though, the harder it can be to pair flavors in a complimentary way. Try these recipes if you’re looking for a little guidance!

Mixed Berry

In terms of nutrition, you can never go wrong by throwing a bunch of different fruits together. Not every fruit combination is going to taste great, though, which is why this simple and fun mixed berry recipe is here to help you get it right.

This one is also easy to turn into a smoothie bowl! Add the finished product into a bowl instead of a glass and top with things like granola, hemp seeds, chia seeds, berries, chopped nuts, or anything else you can think of to provide some substance and crunch.

Green Smoothie

Even harder than figuring out the proper fruit ratios is getting the taste right on a green smoothie. There’s no doubt these smoothies are about as healthy as a smoothie can be, but how often do they actually taste as sweet as a smoothie should?

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This smoothie recipe helps you get the green smoothie thing right, directing you on the correct amount of bananas, mangos, spinach, hemp hearts, and pumpkin seeds. The recipe does call for protein powder but this is easy to leave out if you wish – or substitute some plant-based yogurt to keep the smoothie vegan while still adding something for thickness and texture.

If you don’t like bananas, or just want a break from them since they’re in almost every smoothie, substitute with peaches! This will change the flavor and texture a bit but it’ll still be sweet and delicious.


What is the cleanest non dairy yogurt? ›

Cocoyo Living Coconut Yogurt

It's arguably the “cleanest” dairy-free yogurt on the market. In fact, the pure flavor contains just raw young coconut, raw young coconut water, and dairy-free probiotic cultures. It boasts a whopping 100 billion probiotics per 1/2 cup serving with no added sugar.

Which plant-based yogurt has the most protein? ›

Soy is the highest-protein option, at 7 grams per serving, but you can always up the protein by topping with nuts or seeds.

Is Oikos Greek yogurt plant-based? ›

No, Greek yogurt is not vegan. The base ingredients for this product are cow's milk (or traditionally with sheep's milk in Greece) and probiotics.

What is the number one healthiest yogurt? ›

Greek yoghurt is generally considered the most nutritious option when it comes to yoghurts. Due to the way it is made, it is naturally higher in protein, which makes it a great addition to breakfast, leaving you feeling satisfied throughout the morning.

Which non-dairy milk is best for gut health? ›

According to this guide, almond, hemp, and coconut milks may work for people with IBS. Just pay attention to your serving size. You may also want to try kefir. The fermentation process lowers lactose to a better level for those with IBS and lactose intolerance.

What dairy free alternative tastes most like milk? ›

Soya milk. An excellent source of quality vegetable protein, soya milk was originally a byproduct of making tofu. Many are further fortified with added vitamins and minerals, and nutritionally it is probably the closest to cow's milk, with a similar clean flavour.

Which non-dairy milk is closest to regular milk? ›

A Breakdown of the Most Popular Non-Dairy Milks
  • Soy Milk: The closest comp to cow's milk, highest in protein and contains several nutrients including potassium, iron and several B vitamins.
  • Almond Milk: Low in protein, moderate fat, and far and away highest in vitamin E compared to other milks.

What is the highest quality plant-based protein? ›

10 Best Sources of Plant-Based Protein by Whitney E. RD
  1. Chia seeds. These tiny little nutritional powerhouses contain about 3.5 grams of protein per two tablespoons. ...
  2. Tofu. Tofu is by far my favorite source of plant-based protein. ...
  3. Sprouted Whole Grain Bread. ...
  4. Quinoa. ...
  5. Hemp Seeds. ...
  6. Peanut Butter Powder. ...
  7. Oats. ...
  8. Nutritional Yeast.

Which natural yogurt has the most probiotics? ›

Kefir contains more probiotics than any yogurt. With up to 61 different strains of microbes, it can be an excellent source of probiotics.

Is plant-based yogurt as healthy as regular yogurt? ›

Keri Says: Like most packaged foods (think: protein bars ), plant-based yogurts vary wildly in terms of their ingredient lists and nutrition facts. Overall, they are not inherently healthier than dairy yogurts, but there are nutritious options if you're avoiding animal products.

Is Chobani yogurt plant-based? ›

Absolutely! All Chobani® products are free of gelatin, and other animal-based thickeners, and are a good source of protein for vegetarian diets. Our Non-Dairy Chobani® products are vegan friendly.

Is Siggis yogurt plant-based? ›

The first non-dairy, plant-based blend from siggi's. Made with a not-too-sweet coconut concoction, our plant-based line is rich, creamy, has a short ingredient list, and is satisfying and delicious.

What is a healthy yogurt brand? ›

Healthiest Dairy Yogurts
  • Wallaby Organic No Sugar Added Greek Yogurt.
  • Fage Total 2% Greek Yogurt.
  • Chobani Complete.
  • Siggi's Skyr.
  • Coconut Cult Probiotic Coconut Yogurt.
  • Lavva Dairy Free Yogurt.
  • Siggi's Plant-Based Yogurt.
Feb 8, 2023

What yogurt is a Superfood? ›

Greek yogurt is considered a superfood partly because it provides more protein than regular yogurt. A 170 gram (six-ounce) serving of Greek yogurt has just as much protein as 85 grams (three ounces) of lean meat, which makes it a great alternative source of protein.

What brand of yogurt has the least amount of sugar? ›

  1. 10 Best Low-Sugar Yogurts.
  2. Fage Total 5% Whole Milk Greek Yogurt. ...
  3. Chobani Complete Mixed Berry Yogurt. ...
  4. Siggi's Plain Whole Milk Yogurt. ...
  5. Maple Hill Unsweetened Plain Greek Yogurt. ...
  6. Stonyfield Organic 100% Grass-Fed Plain Greek Yogurt. ...
  7. Wallaby Aussie Greek Whole Milk Strawberry Yogurt.
Feb 9, 2022

Which yogurt has the most protein and the least sugar? ›

"First, whether you like low-fat, whole milk, Greek or Icelandic, any plain unflavored yogurt will contain zero added sugar," she says. Greek yogurt and Icelandic yogurts also pack more protein, which promotes fullness and satiety. You'll get some natural sugar in them, but nothing else.

What is better than yogurt for probiotics? ›

Kefir, another fermented milk product, has many important nutrients and far more probiotic cultures compared to yogurt to help aid and balance your gut bacteria. Kefir has 30 types of probiotic yeasts and beneficial bacteria—that's approximately three times the number of probiotic cultures compared to yogurt!

What type of yogurt is easiest to digest? ›

1. Greek yogurt. Because it's been fermented and strained, Greek yogurt is lower in lactose and easier for most people to digest than a glass of cow's milk. Most Greek yogurts also contain probiotics that help increase the good bacteria in your gut.

Which is better for you probiotic yogurt or Greek yogurt? ›

If you are looking to boost your protein intake or prefer a thicker yogurt, Greek yogurt is a great option, however, regular yogurt is equally as nutrient-dense and rich in probiotics.

Who should not drink almond milk? ›

Almond milk is naturally dairy-free, meaning it's suitable for vegans, as well as people with a dairy allergy or lactose intolerance ( 4 ). Still, you should avoid it if you're allergic to tree nuts.

What is the number one healthiest milk to drink? ›

Low- or non-fat dairy — Skim or 1% milk contains all the protein, vitamins and minerals that whole milk contains, but it has much less saturated fat. This type of milk is typically more heart-healthy than full-fat milk.

Which milk is best for inflammation? ›

Move over almond milk. Flax milk is a great nondairy option if you're looking for an anti-inflammatory boost, says Staci Small, a registered dietitian based in Indiana. The milk is made with flax oil, which is rich in an omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

Which plant-based milk is closest to cow's milk? ›

Overall, Wondermilk won top marks for its creamy, smooth consistency and slightly sweet mild flavor. “It didn't fool any of our testers, but they did find it closest in taste and texture to cow's milk,” says Keating.

Which dairy free milk is the nicest? ›

Best Blend

MALK Unsweetened Sprouted Almond Milk takes the top spot not only because it's delicious, but also because it has a short ingredient list with no artificial ingredients. If almond isn't your personal preference, you can't beat the creaminess of OATLY!

What is the most realistic milk substitute? ›

Soy Milk. Soy milk has been the most popular non-dairy substitute for decades because its nutrition profile closely resembles that of cow's milk. It's the best high-protein milk alternative. Soy milk offers about 7 grams of protein per cup, compared to cow milk's 8 grams per cup.

What is the most popular plant-based milk? ›

Almond milk is the most sold type of plant-based milk in the United States. Within the span of three months in 2021, almond milk accounted for a sales value of 344 million U.S. dollars. Almond milk blends with coconut and cashew generated an additional 19.6 million dollars in sales.

Which milk alternative is easiest to digest? ›

If you are avoiding milk due to lactose-intolerance, then LACTAID® milk is a good choice, which is cow's milk containing a natural enzyme, lactase, added to break down the lactose.

Which protein is better than plant protein? ›

Animal protein, with its higher protein quality, is usually considered to be superior to plant protein for building muscle mass [15,16,17].

What plant-based protein doesn't cause gas? ›

While whole-food plant proteins like soy, beans and lentils can be major gas-producers due to high fiber content, plant-based protein powders like these rice and pea powders are unlikely to cause gas or bloating, since most of the starch and fiber content has been removed, making them a better choice if you want to ...

How can I get enough protein without meat? ›

These (mostly) vegetarian foods are high in protein and heart-healthy too.
How to get protein without the meat
  1. Pulses. Pulses are an inexpensive protein choice, are high in fibre and a source of iron. ...
  2. Soya beans. ...
  3. Quinoa. ...
  4. Nuts. ...
  5. Seeds. ...
  6. Cereals and grains. ...
  7. Quorn™ ...
  8. Dairy.

Does plant based yogurt have the same probiotics? ›

As do dairy-based yogurts, all of the vegan yogurts contain probiotic bacteria, but the species and amounts vary tremendously.

What food is highest in probiotics? ›

Here are seven foods high in probiotics:
  • Yogurt. Yogurt is made by culturing milk with bacteria that produce lactic acid, such as Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, although more strains can also be added. ...
  • Buttermilk. ...
  • Cottage Cheese. ...
  • Tempeh. ...
  • Sauerkraut. ...
  • Miso Soup.
Dec 9, 2022

What is the best substitute for yogurt? ›

The Best Yoghurt Substitutes – Dairy
  1. Crème Fraîche or Sour Cream. If I don't have yoghurt in the fridge, a sour cream is my go-to substitute. ...
  2. Double Cream. A thick dollop of double cream will be sweeter and richer than yoghurt which may or may not be a good thing.
  3. Lemon Whipped Cream. ...
  4. Buttermilk. ...
  5. Cottage Cheese. ...
  6. Ricotta.

Is Activia plant based yogurt good for you? ›

Activia vanilla plant-based yogurt treat is a fantastic choice for those interested in introducing plant-based products into their diet. Not only does it contribute to healthy gut flora with one billion active probiotics*, but it is completely delicious as well.

Which is healthier coconut yogurt or almond yogurt? ›

One coconut-based yogurt can contain 6 grams of saturated fat, which is 30 percent of your entire daily recommended value, according to the USDA. By contrast, a dairy-free yogurt made of almond milk has just . 5 grams of saturated fat or 3 percent of your daily value.

Do Vegans eat plant based yogurt? ›

Therefore, vegans can eat yogurt if it is made with a plant-based milk. Lucky for us, vegan-friendly yogurt is easy to make at home and there is a great variety of options on the market today. A full list of plant based yogurt options can be found below.

What is a good vegan substitute for Greek yogurt? ›

Best Vegan Greek Yogurt Brands
  • Silk Greek Style Coconut Milk Yogurt Alternative.
  • Kite Hill Greek Yogurt.
  • Forager Organic Dairy-Free Greek Style Yogurt.
Aug 16, 2021

Is plant-based Greek yogurt healthy? ›

Benefits of Plant-Based Yogurt

Vegan yogurt has most of the same benefits as dairy yogurt – It contains protein and gut-healthy nutrients. Some vegan yogurts even have up to 11g of protein in them. The key to finding an excellent plant-based yogurt is always to read the nutrition information.

What brands of yogurt are plant-based? ›

  • Forager Project.
  • Oatly Natural Oatgurt.
  • Kite Hill Almond Milk Yogurt.
  • Lavva Dairy Free Pili Nut Yogurt.
  • So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt.
  • Siggi's Plant-Based Yogurt.
  • Silk Almond Milk Yogurt.
  • Chobani.
Jun 27, 2022

Why is Siggi's yogurt so good? ›

What sets siggi's apart from regular yogurt is the fact that it is actually an Icelandic dairy product called skyr. Skyr is made only with skim milk and live active cultures, and the water that is naturally found in milk (called whey) is strained to create a yogurt that is noticeably thicker and creamier than others.

Is Yoplait yogurt plant-based? ›

New Yoplait ParfaitPro is first bulk, dairy-free, plant-based yogurt alternative | 2022-03-23 | Bake Magazine.

Is plant-based yogurt good for you? ›

Vegan yogurt offers a great way to pack fiber, calcium, and protein into your diet—not to mention probiotics, which are great for digestive health.

Is plant-based yogurt still probiotic? ›

As do dairy-based yogurts, all of the vegan yogurts contain probiotic bacteria, but the species and amounts vary tremendously.

What is the best natural yogurt to eat? ›

Healthiest Dairy Yogurts
  • Wallaby Organic No Sugar Added Greek Yogurt.
  • Fage Total 2% Greek Yogurt.
  • Chobani Complete.
  • Siggi's Skyr.
  • Coconut Cult Probiotic Coconut Yogurt.
  • Lavva Dairy Free Yogurt.
  • Siggi's Plant-Based Yogurt.
Feb 8, 2023

Is Activia plant-based yogurt good for you? ›

Activia vanilla plant-based yogurt treat is a fantastic choice for those interested in introducing plant-based products into their diet. Not only does it contribute to healthy gut flora with one billion active probiotics*, but it is completely delicious as well.

Is plant based yogurt good for diabetics? ›

Sticking to the lower carb yogurt and keeping toppings to a minimum will allow you to build a snack that has between just 10 and 15 grams of carbohydrates, which is ideal if you have diabetes. Non-dairy yogurts such as those made with almond, coconut, or soy milk are available in low-carb varieties.

What dairy-free yogurt has the least amount of sugar? ›

Lavva Dairy Free Pili Nut Yogurt

All of its five deliciously creamy flavors are no-sugar-added, and the plain variety contains just 7 grams per serving. We also like that these yogurts contain a blend of seven live vegan probiotic cultures (which translates to 50 billion probiotics per serving).

How do I choose the right probiotic yogurt? ›

Live and Active Cultures in Yogurt

If you're buying yogurt for its health benefits, no matter what its base ingredient, the key to making the right choice is being sure it contains live and active cultures. The label on the container will tell you what probiotics are in the yogurt.

What brand of yogurt has live bacteria? ›

Yogurt is also high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, so yogurt products with live and active probiotics make a great addition to any balanced diet. People can find yogurt that contains L. acidophilus in supermarkets and health stores, with popular brands including Chobani, Yoplait, Skyr, and Noosa.

How can I get probiotics without dairy? ›

To recap, the best vegan sources for probiotics are:
  1. Kombucha, kimchi, and sauerkraut;
  2. Fermented soy like miso and tempeh;
  3. Sourdough bread and lacto-fermented sour pickles;
  4. Soy and nut-based milk and yogurt;
  5. And probiotic supplements, as needed.

Does Trader Joes vegan yogurt have probiotics? ›

Trader Joe's now offers vegan cashew yogurt. The Organic Creamy Cashew Cultured Yogurt Alternative — available in Strawberry and Vanilla Bean flavors — has the same probiotic benefits as dairy-based yogurt, contains 140 calories, and only has one gram of saturated fat.


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